On-campus housing for Parent & Family Orientation will only be available for On Campus Orientation Sessions in May, June, and July during summer 2021.

Get a glimpse of the on-campus residence hall experience and stay within walking distance of orientation programming.

For students attending on campus Bama Bound, one night’s stay in Ridgecrest South, one of our suite-style residence halls, is included in their New Student Bama Bound Orientation fee. Students may request to stay 1-2 additional nights for an additional nightly fee.

For Parent & Family Orientation, you have your choice of staying on campus in Ridgecrest South for an additional $35 nightly fee or you may choose to stay off campus. Please note, residence hall accommodations are MUCH different than hotel accommodations. Ridgecrest South does not have many of the comforts offered by a hotel.

Staying On Campus

If you would like to stay overnight in Ridgecrest South, there are a few options for your reservation:

  • for health-related precautions/to maintain your pod, you may choose to be assigned to a suite with your student.
  • if your student wants to stay with another student, you may choose to be assigned to a suite with 1 other Parent & Family Orientation participant of the same gender with separate bedrooms/bathrooms.
  • if you will be traveling with additional family members and would like to stay on campus, please contact Parent & Family Orientation for additional information at parents@ua.edu.

Don’t forget to bring your own linens.

If you will be staying in Ridgecrest South, please plan to bring the following (your student will need to bring the same!):

  • Set of XLong twin sheets with blanket (Ridgecrest South tends to be on the colder side.)
  • Set of towels (bath, hand, washcloth, possibly an extra towel to use as a “rug” in the bathroom)
  • Pillow
  • Additional recommended items: snacks, long charging cord(s), a book or streaming device for entertainment

Orientation Housing Check In

If you have chosen to stay on campus and are arriving the night before your orientation session begins, you may park in the Ferguson Student Center Parking Deck and check into Ridgecrest South (a specific time frame will be sent via email).

If you are arriving the day that your orientation session begins, you can park at the Ferguson Student Center Parking Deck and housing check in will be later in the day (a specific time frame will be sent via email).

On your day of departure, you will need to check out with the staff at Ridgecrest South between 7:15 am and 8:30 am.