How do I register for Parent & Family Orientation?

Your incoming student must complete their Bama Bound reservation before you can make your Parent & Family Orientation registration. If your student has already registered for Bama Bound New Student Orientation, he or she may have chosen to create a parent log in and password when making their reservation. If so, visit the “Registration” link to register any parents and guests wishing to attend and use the log in information your student created. If your student did not create a parent login, he or she will need to login to myBama and register a parent or create a login. If your student still needs to make their Bama Bound registration, a Parent & Family Orientation registration can be made at the same time your student makes their registration.

Who can attend Parent & Family Orientation?

Parent & Family Orientation is designed for anyone who will be supporting a new University of Alabama student in their transition to the Alabama community. This can include parents, aunts, uncles, godparents, guardians, siblings or grandparents. There is a registration fee for any individual who wants to attend Parent & Family Orientation, and registration is required.

When is Parent & Family Orientation offered?

Parent & Family Orientation is offered in conjunction with Bama Bound New Student Orientation. There are parent & family orientation dates during the months of May, June, July, and August. Please see our dates for more detailed information. Please note some sessions are for special groups of students on campus.

How much does Parent & Family Orientation cost?

Parent & Family Orientation fees are $80 for each parent/guardian attending any orientation session. Please note that all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

What do the Parent & Family Orientation fees cover?

The registration fees include lunch, breakfast (if attending a 2-day session), your parent calendar and handbook, all orientation materials, and the educational sessions. A portion of your fee will support events and programs sponsored by Parent & Family Programs throughout the duration of your student’s career at The University of Alabama.

How long does Parent & Family Orientation last?

You student may choose to attend a 1-Day or 2-Day session. Please consult the Bama Bound New Student Orientation schedule to see the time frames for both programs. The Parent & Family Orientation schedule will run concurrently with the Bama Bound New Student Orientation schedule.

Where do I check-in for Parent & Family Orientation?

Check-in for Parent & Family Orientation is held the morning an Orientation session begins on the 2nd floor of the Ferguson Student Center beginning at 7:30 a.m.
Address: 801 Campus Drive East, Tuscaloosa AL 35487

Where do I check-in if I am staying overnight on campus?

You may check-in with the staff at Ridgecrest South Residence Hall from 4 to 7 p.m. on the first night of your stay in the residence hall. Please note that students and parents/family members will be housed separately within the same residence hall. Spaces will be assigned in order of arrival.

You will need to check-out with the staff at Ridgecrest South Residence Hall between 7:15 and 8:00 a.m. the last day of your stay in the residence hall.

If you need to check-in to the residence hall outside of the designated check-in times please call the Ridgecrest South Residence Hall front desk to make arrangements with a member of the staff.

Check out our Housing for Parent & Family Orientation page for more information about on-campus accommodations.

What if I have more questions after Parent & Family Orientation?

You can call the Parent & Family Helpline at 1-800-392-2777 or email Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How do I download the “University of Alabama Bama Bound” app in Guidebook on my smart phone or tablet?

In an effort to improve Bama Bound and Parent & Family Orientation programming, communication and customer service, we have designed a new Bama Bound mobile app via the Guidebook platform. We are excited about this new addition and hope our guests will benefit from its implementation.

To access the Bama Bound App, download Guidebook to your smart phone or tablet (the app is free), search for University of Alabama Bama Bound and download.

Features of the Bama Bound Guidebook include:

  • Bama Bound schedules for every session (includes Student, Parent & Sibling)
  • Pre & Post Orientation Checklists
  • Campus, Ferg & Rec Center Maps
  • Capability for guests to personalize their own schedule & checklist
  • Campus Resource & Capstone Connections Information
  • Capability to push out schedule updates, room change notifications, etc.

When can my student purchase football tickets for the 2019 season?

Football ticket information will be available on your student’s myBama account. Students must be registered for Bama Bound New Student Orientation to purchase football tickets.