Congratulations on your student’s acceptance to The University of Alabama!

What happens next?

We invite you to attend Parent & Family Orientation, which prepares parents and family members for the adjustments to college life and the transition your student will experience at The University of Alabama. Your support of your student’s education is critical to their success at the Capstone.

Parent & Family Orientation allows parents, guardians, and other adults in your student’s life to learn about how your student will spend the next four years. You will get a glimpse into life at the Capstone, how to support your student while they are pursuing their degree, and how you can stay involved. You will also have an opportunity to connect with other families, learn the basics of living on campus, and see how your student will spend the next few years.


Parent & Family Orientation Questions: Contact us at 1-800-392-2777 or

Bama Bound New Student Orientation Questions: Contact 1-800-933-BAMA or