FERPA, or the Family Education Rights Privacy Act, is federal legislation that gives ownership of records to the student at the college level. The easiest way for parents to receive information about their student’s grades is for the student to provide it. Students can look up their academic transcript online, print it off and email a copy to their parents. Student records are available to students through myBama. Students now have the option of designating access to their academic record to parents and/or guardians via their myBama account. The “Record Release to Parent/Guardian” link resides under the Student Services folder located on the Student Tab of myBama.
Registration takes place around the middle of the semester prior to the one in which your student plans to take classes. The process sets up their course schedule and reserves a place for your student in each of those classes. Your student will need to meet with their advisor and utilize degree works (accessed through myBama) to make sure they are staying on track. Please know that registration is complete upon receipt of payment and fees. Visit the Office of the Registrar website for more information.
Your student can purchase books at the SUPe Store (Located in The UA Student Center or Tutwiler Hall). They can also be reserved online through the SUPe Store website.
The Center for Academic Success provides resources for students who need assistance with certain classes. They have many different tutors and different tutoring classes that can help in any subject that your student might need help in. There is also a class that is geared toward helping freshmen in particular adjust to college life. To look at a list of the University’s class offerings, go to myBama, and then go to the catalog.
Your student should be in contact with their professors. When a student is enrolled in the class, the professor gives out a syllabus with his or her office hours and an email address. Due to FERPA (see above information) the professor should only communicate academic related information with your student.
Our student-to-faculty ratio is 19:1. Some of your classes might have large lecture sections with smaller discussion or lab sections that provide more individualized attention. Many more classes, including freshman composition, will be small and will include lots of student-faculty interaction.

Action Card & Dining (Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, and Bama Cash)

The student’s ACT card is the university I.D. They can use it to access university facilities, as a method of payment for dining dollars and Bama Cash transactions, and around campus. The Action Card is also used to get into sporting events and other events around campus.
The Dining Dollars program is designed to supplement a student’s campus dining needs. Dining Dollars can be used at all Bama Dining locations, Smoothie King at the Rec Center, most on-campus vending machines, all Tuscaloosa area Domino’s locations, and Buffalo Phil’s. Bama Cash is accepted on- and off-campus at both dining and other retail locations. Visit the Bama Dining website for locations/hours. You will also find a map that identifying the locations for dining dollars and Bama Cash. You may also contact Bama Dining at 205-348-6816 for more information.
Hours for the dining facilities differ from semester to semester. You can view the dining facility hours for the current semester online. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact the Bama Dining office at 205-348-6816.
All undergraduate students with 9 or more hours will join the Dining Dollars program. A balance of $325 per fall and spring semester (and $100 per summer term) is automatically billed to your student’s account. These funds are available for use at all campus Bama Dining locations. Bama Cash accounts are optional. With a pre-deposit of funds, students can use their Action Card to make purchases at participating locations both on and off campus. Parents can deposit money onto the ACT card for their student to be able to use Bama Cash. For more information, please check out the Bama Cash vs Dining Dollars video detailing the differences and similarities between Bama Cash and Dining Dollars.
Contact 205-348-2288 or 800-474-2288 or visit the Action Card website. To add money to your student’s Bama Cash account, you may make a deposit online or you may also call or come by the Action Card Office at 205-348-2288 or 800-474-2288. All you need to know is your student’s campus wide ID and name as it appears on their Action Card. Further information regarding online access services can be obtained from their website.
For additional information on your student’s meal plan, please visit the Bama Dining website.


To attend a football game with a student, there are two options. The first is to purchase two regular admission tickets, one for you and one for the student. You can do this through the UA Athletics website. If your student already has a ticket to that game they could sell it to a friend or transfer the ticket through the University of Alabama’s Action Card website. Another option is for the student to purchase another student ticket and upgrade it to a student guest ticket. To do this the student must visit the athletic office before the Friday of game week and pay the upgrade fee to transfer the ticket and make it a student-guest ticket. Upgrading it just makes the student ticket the same price as a normal ticket. Prices vary according to the game. Up charge fees for SEC games are normally a little more than non-SEC games.
Of course you can! When attending events like basketball or gymnastics, parents can purchase a ticket for themselves at the event or through the UA Athletics website and then meet with the student once inside the Coleman Coliseum and sit in the student section. Another option would be that your student purchase you a ticket ahead of time and give them to you before you enter the event. If the student section becomes sold-out it may be necessary for the parent to purchase a second ticket for the student to be allowed to sit with them.
Contact names and email addresses for each club, links to their individual pages, and other club related information are available on the UREC sports club FAQ page. You can always contact Sport Club Staff at 205-348-5164 if you have any questions about a specific club.
The intramural sports program at The University of Alabama offers a great opportunity for students to meet people and get involved on campus while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Intramural sports are open for all students to join and are not as competitive as many other sports on campus. Intramurals are also a great stress reliever because they give your student the chance to unwind and forget about all the worries of the next big test or project for a couple of hours. Encourage your student to visit The University of Alabama’s Intramural Sports page or call the Intramural Sports office Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4:45 p.m at 205-348-5164 for more information.


One of our highest priorities at The University of Alabama is the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff. To achieve this goal, we invest significant resources in a variety of activities and initiatives designed to increase security on our campus as well as our students’ ability to make responsible decisions. We foster a positive relationship with local law enforcement agencies to enhance a safe, secure and healthy community that borders the University. For information on the services offered to students, please visit the UA Police Department‘s website.

In general, classes will remain in session until the National Weather Service issues safety warnings for the City of Tuscaloosa. Individuals should follow the advice of the National Weather Service for that area taking the necessary precautions to ensure personal safety. Whenever the National Weather Service and the Emergency Management Agency issue a warning, people in the path of the storm (tornado or severe thunderstorm) should take immediate lifesaving actions.

The University is a StormReady institution and takes severe weather preparation very seriously. Visit the Office of Emergency Preparedness for more information.

When bad weather enters the Tuscaloosa area:

  • Remain alert to rapidly changing weather conditions—stay tuned to local radio or television stations for weather updates and advisories.
  • A tornado watch means tornadoes may develop. A tornado warning means a funnel cloud or tornado has actually been sighted or indicated on weather radar. The university has a weather siren on top of Gorgas Library.
  • When severe weather strikes and the warning sirens sound:
    1. Move into the nearest shelter.
    2. Go to the lowest floor available, in the center of the building, away from windows.
    3. Stay tuned to radio or television stations for further weather statements.
    4. Remain inside until you are notified that the area is clear of severe weather.

In the event of local severe weather, the University places weather information on the UA Homepage.

UA Alerts, a system that sends text messages, emails and phone calls to your student’s cell phone, office and/or home phone.

  1. The campus PA system, which is located in both indoor and exterior areas.
  2. Emails sent in the UA Student News and Dialog Extra.
  3. Media alerts through TV, radio and newspapers.
  4. The UA Homepage

Digital signage on campus (i.e.: Crimson Ride shuttles)
For more information on safety and emergency situations that could arise on campus, please visit the Emergency Preparedness website.


The purpose for myBama is to provide one location on the Web where students, faculty, and staff can get important information about the University. It is where students can access their Bama mail account, register for classes, or check exam results. Students can also create a guest login in for their parent. myBama also provides helpful information such as the Academic Calendar and information about upcoming events.
To create a guest account on myBama, your student will have to personally log in and set up guest login information for their parents. Contact the Office of Information Technology if you lost your parent login for myBama.
For information on how your student can sign onto the wireless internet network, please visit OIT’s Internet page.


You can contactHousing & Residential Communities at 205-348-6676 or you can go to the Housing and Residential Communities website.
As soon as possible! For the coming fall, most renters sign leases beginning in January (and sometimes as early as December). Leases are usually for one year, but there are some 9 month ones available. For more information visit the Off-Campus Housing website.
Visit the Summer Housing page for locations, rate information, and applications. You can also call the housing office at 205-348-6676.
Information about special accommodations can be found on the Medical Requests page.
For more specific questions, please call HRC at 205-348-6676.

Payments & Schedule Confirmation

If you want to make a payment or confirm your student’s schedule, you may send the required payment to The University of Alabama, Office of Student Receivables, Box 870120, Tuscaloosa, Al 35487-0120; make in-person payments at the office of Student Receivables, 105 Student Services Center; pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) via telephone by calling 205-348-4470 or 205-348-5350; or pay online through myBama.
This can be done only if your student grants access to the account by establishing a Parent/Guest account. Your student will need go to myBama, click on the Student tab, and under Banner Self-Services, Student Services, and click on the Student Receivables channel. Choose Create/Change a Parent Guest Account and complete the information. If your student provides an email address in conjunction with the Parent/Guest Account, these email addresses will also receive notices and reminders of billing dates and deadlines. Those with this information will be able to view your student’s account summary, make payments, and confirm schedules. Your student will still want to check the account to make sure that any necessary payment has been made and that their schedule has been confirmed by the deadline.
The payment of tuition, course fees, residence hall room, Dining Dollars, meal options, and parking decal charges is a part of the registration process known as confirming your schedule. A payment, or payment plan agreement, is required before each semester’s registration is complete (confirmed).When you receive the e-mail notice that the account is available, go to myBama and view your student’s account, select “confirm my schedule,” choose to “pay in-full”, or select a deferment plan, make the required payment, and then your schedule will be confirmed.
If your student’s account has an outstanding balance and is not confirmed by the deadline, the schedule will be cancelled and it will be necessary for your student to re-enroll in classes that have available seats.