The following acronyms are here to help you learn more about the UA campus lingo students, faculty, and staff use. It is not a complete list as there are always new ones popping up, however, these are the most popular and things you might hear your student say!

UA campus sign

ACT Card

The ACTion Card is used as the official UA identification for students, faculty, and staff. Students can use their Dining Dolar, Bama Cash, and Meal Plan by swiping this card at various locations. This card also gets them into the Student Recreation Center, athletic events, their residence hall, parking decks and more. Your student does not want to lose this card!

Big Al

The mascot here at the University that can be found all around campus including at every sporting event and other meetings and events.

The Capstone

A nickname for the University of Alabama coined by former President George H. Denny. Capstone means “the top stone or high point.”

The Capstone Creed

The statement of values is a pledge made by all UA students upon becoming a member of the UA family: “As a member of The University of Alabama community, I will pursue knowledge; act with fairness, honesty, and respect; foster individual and civic responsibility; and strive for excellence.”

The Crimson White

The student newspaper on campus, also known as the CW, is published two times per week during the academic school year and once per week during the summer. It can be read online on the Crimson White website.

The Ferg

The Ferguson Student Center is the student union and hub of student life on campus. It houses the Ferg Food Court, the SUPe Store, Alabama Credit Union, the Ferguson Art Gallery, the Ferguson Theater, and many student-related offices.

The Quad

The Quad is the heart of the UA campus. Most students enjoy its beauty everyday due to its central location. Students use it for activities from Frisbee or football to finding a quiet place to study.

Denny Chimes

The bell tower located on the Quad named after former President George H. Denny. Students enjoy its chiming and music daily as they travel from class to class.

Rammer Jammer

This is a well-known chant that echoes through Bryant-Denny Stadium or other football stadiums across the country after a Crimson Tide victory over the opposing team.

The Rec

The Student Recreation Center is a 180,000 square-foot facility serving current students and the greater University of Alabama community by providing opportunities to foster health and well-being, learning, leadership, and inclusion.


The Witt Student Activity Center at Presidential Village is a 133,000 square-foot complex located in the north end of campus. The facility currently contains offices for Housing and Residential Communities, First Year Experience, Parent & Family Programs, Women’s Rowing, and an 85,000 square-foot recreation center. The facility also has a convenience store and various food service options operated by BAMA dining. The lower level also contains a dedicated storm shelter that may be used as a safe haven during a severe weather event.

The SUPe Store

The University’s Supply Store is the place to go for official UA textbooks, apparel, and gifts. You can shop with them online at


The Office of Information Technology, located in Gordon Palmer, provides students and staff with services and information about different technologies here on campus. Visit the Office of Information Technology website.


The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs, located in Houser Hall, provides, facilitates, and coordinates programs and services to meet the special needs of veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors in order to ease their transition to college life and fulfill their educational goals. Visit the Veteran and Military Affairs website.


The Office of Disability Services, located in Houser Hall, provides academic accommodations for UA students who submit appropriate documentation of their disability. Visit the Office of Disability Services website.

Sorority Row

The location of the majority of sorority houses on UAs campus. Sorority Row is on the south end of campus behind the Presidents Mansion.

Fraternity Row

The location of the majority of fraternity houses here on UAs campus. Fraternity Row is located on the eastern end of campus near the Rec.


Presidential Village is on the north end of campus along Jack Warner. It is home to Presidential Village I & II which are 7 story suite style residence halls as well as the SACPV.


Tutwiler Hall located on the south end of campus near sorority row and Bryant-Denny Stadium. This is a traditional style all female residence hall housing 840 women.


Ridgecrest South is a suite style residence hall here on campus and is home to the Honors College Living-Learning Community.

Engineering Quad

The Shelby Quadrangle located near the northern end of campus. It is home to several engineering buildings including Shelby Hall, the SEC, SERC, NERC, and Rodgers Library.

Transit Hub

This is the University’s transportation hub where all campus buses begin and end their routes. It is also home to the ACTion card office.


South Engineering Research Center


North Engineering Research Center


Science and Engineering Complex


The Million Dollar Band is the largest student organization on campus and has been a Crimson Tide tradition for over 100 years.


The Women and Gender Resource Center on campus seeks to address gender inequity and foster a community that values social justice, safety, leadership, mentoring, education, multiculturalism, partnership and research.

Iron Bowl

The common name for the football game between the University of Alabama and Auburn University.